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What is Langwood Education Center?

Langwood is a 92-acre property in southeast Iowa with beautiful timber, winding trails, and numerous footbridges.  There is also a 5-acre pond for fishing and canoeing.  Thanks to the generous support of many donors, Langwood was purchased by the Louisa County Conservation Board on June 1st, 2000, from the Iowa 4-H Foundation.  The area is used by the Conservation Board for adult and youth environmental education programming, but is also available to school, public, and private groups by reservation.

Rent Langwood!

Langwood is available for daytime or overnight use for all types of groups Langwood has been used for weddings, business meetings, family reunions, scout outings, church camps, and more.  Facilities include:

  • Lodge with: full kitchen; wood burning stove/air conditioning; tables and chairs to accommodate 80

  • A-frame dormitory and beds to sleep 21

  • Restrooms and showers

  • Langwood Challenge Course

  • Picnic tables and grills

  • 5-acre pond with canoes and good fishing opportunities

  • Over 3 miles of wooded hiking trails with footbridges

  • Volleyball court

  • Backstop for softball

  • Bird-viewing blind

  • Amphitheater


Make a Reservation

User fees vary depending on the type of group, facilities used, and duration of stay. Rates are shown on the reservation forms (see link below).

To make a reservation:

  1. Call (319)-523-8381 or email lccb@lccb.org to see if your requested dates are open.

  2. If the dates you want are available, print the reservation form and fill it out completely.

    Reservation Form (reservations July 1, 2010 and later)

  3. Return the completed form along with the rental fee to the LCCB. Sorry, we do not take credit cards.

  4. You will receive a letter confirming your reservation.


Environmental Education

Langwood offers a variety of environmental education opportunities in an outdoor classroom setting, through field trips, day camps, and public programs.

The pond provides a classroom for learning to fish and canoe, as well as for studying turtles, snakes, and frogs. Extensive hiking trails are perfect for learning about trees, wildflowers, fungi, and animal tracks. The bird-viewing blind offers up-close bird identification and observation. 

The Langwood Challenge Course teaches team building skills, leadership development, trust, and cooperation.

For information on summer nature camps and public programs, check out the Upcoming Events page

Where is Langwood Education Center?

LCCB Areas Map  - shows all LCCB areas

Langwood Location Map - gives a map showing details of how to get to Langwood

Langwood Trail Map - showing all hiking trails and facilities 



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